New custom sublimated sports apparel launched

We have launched many kinds of custom sublimated sports clothing have custom sublimated Yoga Leggings, Cheerleading Uniforms, Dance jacket, Dance Bra and Dance Dress, American Football Jerseys, Netball Dress, Boxing Shorts and so on, welcome to order !

Website Custom Sublimated Sports Clothing Pictures Notice

Notice: Dear Visitors, We have found recently there some companies steal apparel pictures from our website directly as their case . If you see some apparel pictures somewhere else that the same as those listed on our website, it is suggested that you should ask them for the orginal apparel pictures to prove because almost of them are custom designed and produced

Support Questions For Sublimated Garments

Support Questions For Sublimated Garments as below: 1.  Ask: Please send us price and delivery time for sublimated jerseys ? Answer: Please advise what kind of sublimated garment you need as we have many different kinds of sublimated garment.Also please advise the estimated quantity for sublimated garment you need and we can offer general production time for your references. 2. Ask: What kind of fabric you usually need for sublimated garment ? Answer: Almost of fabric we use are 100% polyester fabric those are at [...]